Throw It at the Wall, See If It Sticks

Artist Skeith De Wine on the virtues of trash in art

Every person is different. Some like a new, very streamlined look; others have a quirky sensibility. But I think it's important that every person lives and thinks about the art in everything—to think beyond things as they are or seem, to see beyond what they are to the metaphorical possibilities.

Now that the threat of strike has passed, do you worry that people will go back to their dirty business as usual?

For artists, this is really a missed opportunity. Artists are always bitching about supplies and the money going into their work, so it's occasionally nice to get into something a little different and economically feasible. That's less likely to happen now.

But this is really still an opportunity to reflect on consumption, for people to consider what their trash says about them, like, "My gosh, I drink a lot of green tea." So their selection of trash reflects not only their taste palate but also their taste.

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