Mike Males would do well to consult the findings of the U.S. Census Bureau before he extols the virtues of the "rising population of color" in Orange County—and the nation, for that matter ("Demographic Doom Averted," Sept. 21). The population growth of the United States now exceeds China's, as well as that of Bangladesh. At our present rate of growth, the population of our country will exceed half a billion within 50 years! Sprawl, congestion, overcrowding of public schools and environmental degradation are the result of too many people, both legal and illegal, entering the U.S. It's time for a moratorium on all immigration.

Randle C. Sink


I have supported Koo's Art Cafť for several years now and was excited when I read your article that the Def Jux crew had descended on my favorite living room (Chris Ziegler's "The Same Struggles Exist," Sept. 21). I was set to head over there when I received a phone call from a friend who told me they were attempting to charge $10 at the door! Gross. Not only that, but Aesop Rock, the co-headliner, was still in New York City. I decided to stay home that night and study rather than get ripped the hell off.

Jason Thornberry
Costa Mesa


I would like to congradulate [sic] the skillful cartoonist who drew the caraicature [sic] alongside the "Gas Bag" letter (Hey, You! Sept. 14). As we all know, National Rifle Association members are nothing but a bunch of low-brow, illiterate, beer guzzlin', red neck, buck toothed white racists, right? How ironic that you can't see past the end of your own hypocritical little nose. I thought you would be above stereotyping.

Anonymous NRA member


It's time for Anthony Pignataro to dust off the "If He Only Had a Brain" article (Pignataro and R. Scott Moxley's Oct. 23, 1998, feature). Some things never change.

Rick Reavis
Mission Viejo

The guy who dusts off articles responds: Who needs to dust off old Silva stories? Check out Moxley's new one on page 10.


Regarding the "Flat Cat" article ("Hey, You!" Anonymous, Sept. 7): for your information, they are called "lost cats" because they are lost! "Lost" does not mean "too irresponsible to keep it inside where it belonged." You have no idea how hard I tried to keep my cat inside. Unfortunately, one day he got out, and to my absolute devastation, he was run over and killed. I looked for him for days and days. Went to the animal shelter three times. "Anonymous" has never had something unfortunate or accidental happen to him/her?! Yeah, right! You obviously are a disturbed person who goes looking for "splattered" animals and then wants a reward. How pathetic is that? I've got your "reward" for you . . . swaanging!

Brooklyn R. Rentz
Garden Grove
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