Rockwellian virtue made solid


Earl's Home Cookin'. Tell me, is there anything better than eating a pile of pancakes heaped with whipped cream and strawberries at 9 p.m. and being able to smoke while you do it? Earl's is probably the only restaurant in Orange County that still allows smoking indoors. Of course, this is accomplished by closing off the non-smoking section of the restaurant with glass doors and constructing what is best described as an indoor/outdoor-patio/restaurant. The smoking area features proper wooden tables, walls and a ceiling, and the all-important screened windows that allow the room to breathe. The whole atmosphere lends itself to the feeling of being in some wilderness camp for hooligans. Earl's is also a marvel of science, declaring that certain specials—as well as breakfast—are served "25 Hours a Day!" All this—and prices lower than Norm's or Denny's. 807 N. Tustin, (714) 639-8590.
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