Buena Park

The thinking mans Anaheim


Ozz Supper Club. The nice lady at the chamber of commerce said nighttime fun in Buena Park depends on whom the Holiday Inn has booked for Thursday night, but she obviously doesn't know how to party. This gay-friendly (they've even had same-sex weddings there!) club is so hot and hopping that Buena Park's finest reportedly patrol inside only in close and cozy single file—to prevent any surprise ass-tapping, you see. But cops couldn't really be that juvenile, could they? 6231 Manchester Blvd., (714) 522-1542.


William Peak Park. An incongruously expansive suburban oasis, perfect for sitting in the shade and sipping lemonade (one of the last free good times around these days). It's probably the only park in town not packed with shrieking kids and overpriced foodmush, so do yourself a favor and go. 7225 El Dorado Dr.Whitaker-Jaynes Estate and Bacon House Park. A tiny but immaculately kept little patch of nature next to the historic estate of the same name. Some of the oldest buildings in Buena Park (dating from the 19th century) were dragged to this site to spare them from the tender mercies of freeway construction crews, and now its Zen-like austerity offers a convenient respite from the Beach Boulevard blues. 6631 Beach Blvd., (714) 562-3570.


Orange County Record Swap. Bar none, the best rendezvous for the human cockroaches that are compulsive vinyl collectors, with dealers sometimes creeping in from other continents. If it was only released as a limited colored-vinyl tour promo edition (signed and specially puked on by the band), you'll find it here. And you might find it cheap. The swap meet is held every fourth Sunday just down the street from the tourist strip, and it's probably the most culturally substantial event in town. Sequoia Athletic Club, 7530 Orangethorpe Ave., (714) 739-4141.


Brea Creek. Site of Orange County's only reported Bigfoot (yes, that Bigfoot) sighting. In 1982, residents on nearby Franklin Street reported a smelly, hulking figure prowling around the drainage channel. Police took plaster casts of immense footprints and determined that the culprit was just a particularly large and unkempt transient. At least, that's what they want you to believe. Brea Creek underpass at Franklin and Beach.
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