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"In these Last Days," Orange County goes to war


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We are at war . . .(by SoCal Husker, Sept. 11, 19:36) . . . and all of those politicians favoring open borders and letting any nutcase, criminal or terrorist into this country without a thorough background check are traitors. What a disgrace today. I hope Bush, if it is finally determined that Bin Ladin and his many supporters in Afghanistan and Pakistan are behind this horror, decides to use nuclear weapons to obliterate any country providing support for this atrocity. These animals need to be put to sleep for good. The only thing they respect is force. If innocent civilians are harmed, so be it. It sickened me today to actually see innocent people jumping from the World Trade Center buildings to their deaths. It is up to you, President Bush. Do the right thing for America, no matter what the rest of the world thinks. These acts CANNOT be tolerated or they will certainly happen again.

U.S. response to terrorist attacks today . . . (by blackjack, Sept. 11, 20:24) The last time America used a nuclear weapon was in response to the Japanese war actions in WWII. If the only way to reasonably assure the elimination of Bin Laden the terrorist is to use a nuclear weapon to obliterate his base of operations in Afghanistan, I say DO IT and DO IT NOW!


"When I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, I thought I was dreaming—I thought this could never happen to America. They can't do this! I went from complete bewilderment to sadness for all of the people who lost their lives, and then I went to terrible anger. And I asked, 'Please, why can't I get on the air right now so I can say what is in my heart—that these bastards got to be tracked down and punished?'

"We cannot rest until we find out who did this. They got to know that the United States of America will never put up with this kind of atrocity. We are the United States of America—we are the leaders of the free world! For this to happen to us . . . They will not get away with this! As President Bush said—and I bless him for this—we will track you down, and you will pay the cost, and I just wish that I could get my hands on whoever was responsible so I could do away with him myself. . . . I think that it's the madman over there—what's his name?"

Osama Bin Laden?

"I have a feeling that's who it is, and if it is, then we've got to unleash as much power as we have to in order to get rid of him and his rotten regime. Because, you know, if we don't do something drastic, this is going to happen again—if they say, 'Well, America yells and screams and makes threats, but they don't do anything,' it's going to happen again and again, and here in Los Angeles and in San Francisco and Chicago, and it's going to happen in all our major cities.

"Let's face it: we're at war now. These madmen want to destroy the United States of America, and by God, we're not going to let them do it! I believe we have a president in power right now who is going to find these murderers, these killers, these butchers—I believe he's going to find them, and they're going to pay dearly. Even—and I say this cautiously—even if it comes to nuclear warfare, if that's the only answer, we may have to be like Harry Truman and push the button. . . . I hate to think of nuclear, but if that's what has to be done, then that's what we have to think about." (Chris Ziegler)

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The Reverend Lou Sheldon's Anaheim-based Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) usually busies itself with homosexuals. Just the day before the Sept. 11 attack, the TVC published a report that 95 percent of boys (we're sure they meant 95 percent of all boys who are molested) are molested by gays. Sheldon now runs the TVC from his Capitol Hill townhouse. He spent most of the morning of the attack shuttling congressmen and other government types to safety.

"I remember Pearl Harbor," he said. "And this is just like that. This is a war zone. The police didn't have enough vehicles to transport everybody, so we helped out. Republicans, Democrats, whoever needed help. I saw Grace Napilitano (D-Norwalk) walking down the street. I told her, 'Grace, come on in,' and she did and made a phone call."

"This has happened because America has allowed evil to be called good," the reverend said. "It's time for America to define its belief system."

He excused himself for a second and then came back on the phone. He said there was "an apron of fighter jets" constantly flying over Capitol Hill.

"This is most definitely a war zone," he said. "The fact that someone has been able to get away with this, that's a moral-decay thing. Did you see the pictures of those Palestinians celebrating the attack? This is most definitely a moral-decay thing." (Steve Lowery)

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