A peoples environmental impact report on El Toro International Airport

Mestre then pointed out that the number of homes under the southbound departure corridor affected by at least 82 dB "will be a very, very large number."

Mestre buried his most devastating prediction beneath layers of negatives and dependent clauses: "Under no circumstances will the noise study conclude that there is no significant noise impact for a 28 MAP airport with 22 percent of the operations at night." Translation: jet noise from El Toro will be loud enough to wake people up. That will be true, Mestre added, even if the county does what it says it won't do and soundproofs homes around the new airport. Even then, Mestre wrote, "these night operations will still be a significant impact."

In conclusion, Mestre wrote that his firm, Mestre Greve Associates (MGA), "will represent in its noise study that night operations at El Toro are a significant impact." And just to make sure there was no mistaking his sincerity, Mestre ended his memo with the statement "The above findings are supported by the entire staff at MGA."

None of Mestre's recommendations made it into the EIR. Because county officials determined that no one lives in the 65 dB CNEL zone, the county will spend no money soundproofing homes.

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