Springboard for Hitler

Anaheims the Shack has become Nuremberg-rally central for OC racists

Beyond the ethical problems, that might promise serious business trouble for the club.

"No club I know would ever book shows like that," says Chain Reaction booker Ron Martinez. "If nothing else, it's bad for business."

"They're going to have to face the fact that there's probably going to be an extensive boycott of the club," says Novick of People Against Racist Terror.

Abandoning denials for the higher cause of free speech and free markets, Terbay and Gibson offer no sign of surrender. Ditto for their skinheaded guests. The review of the June 24 Shack show ends with the ominous promise "Everyone in attendance seemed to understand how important it is for us to be able to leave behind our confrontational mindsets once in a while for us to come together with our people and celebrate the continuing success and growth of the White Racialist Movement. We look forward to the next show in OC."

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