The Other

David Limbaugh is his own man, as long as that man is the brother of Rush Limbaugh

But Limbaugh is irony-free, and alas, when he said Clinton had no respect for the separation of powers, he failed to ask, "What a place to be saying that, huh? Here in the library of Richard Nixon, the man who used the FBI as his personal police force and the IRS as his KGB and who defied U.S. courts."

But he didn't say any of that. The talk went on, and then it was over. Three people actually stood while applauding, though it turned out one of them was just getting up to leave. Limbaugh then took questions from the audience. One asked if Clinton had committed treason, and another asked about Rush possibly going to CNN. David said he hoped his brother went to Fox News. The audience applauded. He said they must fight against the liberal media and all those lawyers who "prostitute" themselves on Geraldo Rivera. Then, for the dozenth time, he asked them to buy his book.

Finally, the moderator said there would be one final question. A woman stood and thanked David for coming. She said she had been at the library in 1996 when Millie had spoken and assured the audience that Millie had made a point of saying, "I have this other son who I love very much."

The fact that Millie Limbaugh, who smoked herself to death, recognized she had another son seemed to give everyone a warm feeling. The woman let it sink in, and then got to her question. "Is there any chance," she asked, "of getting Rush to come here?"

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