Yes, some of us who once owned the Rumours album (if memory serves, I believe ownership of that album was mandatory at the time, was it not?) might look back now in mild shamefaced embarrassment. But I'm glad that you saved some venom for the other nostalgia-laden artists appearing around town. (I'm not a big fan of Depeche Mode, but I'm glad to see that you took the high road in bashing them, dude.) Let us not forget that the music industry is part of the greater entertainment industry so, yeah, there's always the big controversy over hype marketing, artist/label favoritism, and of course the eternal style-over-substance wrangle, but let's not open that can of worms again.

But here's a thought, Buddy: the very fact that the artists you slammed are still touring and getting booked into the venues you listed kinda speaks for itself, now doesn't it? And their overall public appeal—in the past as well as the present—cannot be totally discounted. So please cheer up, Bud. Remember: nobody likes a sore loser.

"Stevie Nicks helped birth punk rock." Hmmm. That's a good one. Food for thought. I guess it's true: punk's really not dead—at least not certain aging ones, right? I got a good one for you: Elvis helped birth reggae. Yeah, that's right; look into it! It makes sense when you think about it.

Oh, yeah, and thanks for proving once again that the best thing about the OC Weekly is its price.

Costa Mesa

Buddy Seigal responds: (1) Sadly, I can't take credit for writing or singing "Happy Boy." I did, however, play guitar and kazoo, and the checks, in fact, do keep coming in. Thanks for your concern. And thanks, Dr. Demento! (2) You owned theRumours album because you thought it was "mandatory"? Hahahahahahahaha! Wotta bunghole! (3) Elvis, of course, had nothing to do with the birth of reggae. That was German sociologist Max Weber. Elvis shot the TV every time Stevie Nicks came on.


Re: Steve Lowery's story about Arthur Carmona ("Arrested Development," Aug. 10): Anyone interested in prison justice might want to know about a group called UNION (United for No Injustice, Oppression or Neglect). UNION addresses all kinds of problems for prisoners and ex-prisoners and may be of some help to Mrs. Carmona and her son, Arthur. The address is UNION, P.O. Box 22765, Sacramento, CA 95822-0765, and the e-mail address is

Dee Moore
via e-mail


To whoever wrote the anonymous letter going on a rail because God will not let him and his woman hook up ("Hey, You!" Aug. 17): Hey, pal, ever stop to think that relationships are built on compromise? Ever consider that since you worship the Father in the same manner and all that maybe one of you should convert? Sometimes you have to look at the role man plays in religion as well. God wants you to be happy no matter what. All he cares about is you. Maybe you would be better off asking him for solutions instead of tearing him up. Your faith will lead you. One more thing: as a Christian, just try to have a relationship without God in it and see how great that works out. Sometimes things are done that we will never understand or comprehend, but you have to move forward. Each time God closes a door, he opens a window. Sometimes you have to look for it, but it's there. Keep the faith.

Don Carey
via e-mail


How fortunate we Weekly readers are to have Jeremy Scherer to determine what is and isn't funny (Calendar, Aug. 17). When I submitted a press release to the Weekly's Calendar for the White Liars show Aug. 17 at JC Flanagan's, I didn't realize that I was matching wits with a comic giant on a par with Rip Taylor! You are so right, Jeremy: starting my press release with the greeting "Hey " just isn't very funny or original, especially when you compare it with censoring our band's name and calling us "jerks." That is SOOO funny because it's so true!

Pull your head out of your fecal duct, genius!! The White Liars have been playing locally for eight years, Rich Kane has written very kind words about us, and we appeared on the first Locals Only compilation. You're the sort of people I feel comfortable greeting, "Hey, Fucko!"

What's sad is that Scherer has the power to censor a band from the Calendar. I didn't say anything sexist, homophobic or racist, and I have no affiliation with Bob Dornan. It was just a faux pas.

I noticed, by the way, that the bands slated to play the Nazi show at the Shack didn't get their names censored (Rich Kane's "Take the Skinheads Bowling," Aug. 17).

Barry Stevenson
The White Liars


It's good to know there are writers who know good music. Manu Chao (Nick Schou's "Wander This World," June 22) and Los Amigos Invisibles (Gustavo Arellano's "They Put the 'Sex' in 'Sextet,'" July13) are indeed great unknowns. The fact that radio won't play them because they're not popular is proof of how little commercial radio matters.

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