Nice Pillows!

The art of non-surgically enhancing the breast

The Blessing Bra, along with an accompanying line of swimsuits, tank tops and dancewear, is scheduled to hit the market this fall. The bra will cost between $35 and $50; Alexander figures it'll sell in small boutiques, higher-end department stores and on the Internet ( What makes it so special? The patented pockets on the inside of each cup, where strips of silicone are snugly secured by overlapping pieces of soft fabric. "It kind of resembles a pillow sham," says Alexander, "and that's the way they're going to be packaged: in little pillows! But the idea is that these garments can be worn everywhere, from roller blading to the hot tub, from chasing your three-year-old around the park to going swimming at the beach."

There are all kinds of plans for the Blessing Bra marketing strategy, ranging from infomercials to talk-show appearances. Alexander expects to be center stage all the way. With her looks and her enthusiasm, she'll probably be good at it. "See," she shows you, "the bra is made at an angle so it's going to accentuate and give the most enhancement to each of our designs. See, the pillow is just simply placed in here, and this goes over the top so it's secure. Then the bra comes up like this . . . and goes like this . . . and since the pocket is in the bottom, it comes up to . . . right . . . about . . . here. And that's the story!"

Absolutely gorgeous, which was as good a reason as any for it to be told.

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