Jujubeating your meat


The second annual Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) was held July 6-9 at the Manhattan Hilton in New York City and was attended by more than 1,200 people. I can't tell you how it went because OC Weekly music god Rich Kane was too cheap to send me there. But I have friends who went, who will now give the consensus of both the alcohol-sopped side and the serious, business-oriented one:

THE BOOZE: "LAMC kicked ass—even though we didn't really attend it. We got to New York Friday morning and immediately went to the Hamptons. On the way there, we drank vodka with Red Bull, vodka with fruit punch, and straight-up vodka. Next thing we knew, we were in Central Park in the middle of 20,000 people for Manu Chao's afternoon concert. We went back to our hotel to rest up for the opening party, but we woke up 14 hours later—so wasted that we missed Los Amigos Invisibles, Julieta Venegas and the entire first conference. Though there were a bunch of panel discussions, we went to only one or two—the rest of the time we were either networking or falling over trash cans because that's what we do when we're drunk. There were a lot of shows that we went to and recorded, even though we weren't supposed to."

THE BIZ: "The overall feeling at LAMC was that rock en español and Latin alternative music in general will make it big in the U.S.—but not yet. The audience is already there, but the problem is that record labels and the media don't know good music from shit, and they have no clue how to promote it to non-Latinos. They think 'Latin music,' so they give the country fucking Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera. Radio stations are the worst. I heard a stat at LAMC that one-third of KROQ's listeners are Latinos, yet the station won't play Spanish music because it's in another language. At the same time, though, they'll play Rammstein, who sing in German, which proves my theory that KROQ is run by Nazis." (GA)

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