Milk-Carton Millionaires

Argyros and Gibbs missing from DAs Garofalo investigation

Public defense from his highly placed friends has been nearly nonexistent in recent months. It's looking more and more as though Garofalo is going to take the fall alone, although it's hard to imagine how his longtime patron (and former HB planning commissioner) Ed Laird will be able to avoid his part in his allegedly fake purchase of Garofalo's publishing business. That is, unless Laird gets immunity to testify against Garofalo.

Suggestions that the money and power of Gibbs and especially Argyros may have daunted DA investigators' pursuit of them were shrugged off by two sources close to the investigation.

"There's no way to say for sure," said one. "If so, I doubt that it was orders from above. It would be more likely that it was the practicality of collecting effective evidence. In any case, the investigation is not going in their [Argyros and Gibbs'] direction."

Investigators are still collecting evidence, however. Documents included in the report filed last week were the basis for an April 12 raid on Garofalo's home, business and banks. "The investigation is three months ahead of that now," said another source. "No charges have been formulated. And no out-of-court settlement is being considered. It's too soon. They're still finding new things every day."

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