Jurassic Hype

How I survived the Jurassic Park III junket

But the interview of the day had to be with young Trevor Morgan, who plays Eric Kirby in the film. Now, Trevor was a sweet kid and all, but I think he set a new record for gas during an interview, burping during every question. My unofficial tally was 10, shattering the previous record set by Wilford Brimley. My suggestion is to not give the kid so much Coke next time (the beverage, of course; he's not that big a star yet).

Finally, after a journalist from who knows where got into a little tte--tte with the film's producer, Kathleen Kennedy, about why Stanley Kubrick didn't get any credit for Spielberg's new flick, A.I., we were excused. Nice question, numbnuts!

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that back at good old Stage 5, they decided to rev up one of the old dinosaurs for the crowd. If one were writing a review, one might mention that this private dinosaur show was better than the movie. Of course, since I'm absolutely not reviewing Jurassic Park III, I won't.

Jurassic Park III was directed by Joe Johnston; produced by Steven Spielberg; written by Alexander Payne, Craig Rosenberg and Jim Taylor; and stars Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Ta Leoni, Michael Jeter and Alessandro Nivola. Now playing countywide.

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