Daahk, Veddy, Veddy Daahk

Mermaids, Hitler, vampires and Dwight Yoakam, but not yet Halloween

From their FAQ: "The works of SCOW can be perused and procured on the web at as well as SCOW attire."

Sunday's Dwight Yoakam show at the Downtown Disney House of Blues was all things bold and beautiful, though probably the best thing about it was the cowboy ho's, breasts a-danglin', packed together on the floor like heifers on the way to the hammer. Yoakam's reedy voice was spectacular, though his cover of "I Want You to Want Me" made me want not Yoakam but Cheap Trick, who were all over the county in the first part of this week. (See next week's Commie Girl, won't you please?)

Choicest gossip from the Mouse House? Yoakam travels with three buses: one for the crew, one for the band, and one for little old him. And the crew of nine people left a tip of $18 on a $300 tab, though after the tour manager heard about it from Mouse management, each of the crew laid down $15 or $20 for the waitress the next time they ate. Sometimes people just need manners explained to them.

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