Unreal Doll

For about $6,000, you can own an almost totally customized, state-of-the-art love doll

I compliment McMullen on his artisanship and savvy, and I mean it. More than anything, I find myself wondering about the mindset of someone who prefers a RealDoll to a live partner. After all, $6,000 can buy a lot of loving from a professional girl. And couples can get a lot of marriage counseling and therapy for the same money.

McMullen is obviously a loving artist and a meticulous craftsman responding to a demand in the marketplace. And he's right to bristle when his company is lumped in with the sex industry; it's possible some people buy the doll for art rather than sex. But the real differences are semantic rather than categorical: what transpires between a product and its buyer can hardly be defined as sex at all. If you can have your ego significantly buoyed—rather than shattered beyond reconstruction—by porking 110 pounds of dead silicone, you, my friend, have a problem.

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