No Food to Free Willy

Eco-activist fasts 31 days to protest Navy sonar linked to sea-mammal deaths

The May 26 protest at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station entrance drew about 50 people, most of whom had never participated in a demonstration before. Kristin Taylor—a Tustin fourth-grader who first got her class, then her school, and then schools in Orange and Los Angeles counties to send letters opposing LFAS—showed up with many of her classmates, all toting handmade posters. "On behalf of all children, I ask that you do your part to protect the whales," Kristin said. "The whales are crying."

Mann and her cohorts celebrated afterward by going out to lunch, where she took her "ceremonial first nibble." The vegetarian ended her hunger strike after 31 days because of intense pressure from family and friends. A smallish woman already, Mann lost nine pounds. To this day, she's only able to handle small amounts of food.

But she's now building her strength for a June 16 protest against LFAS and the possible lifting of the worldwide ban on whaling. Ironically, countries that support whaling (Japan, Norway, Russia) oppose LFAS. They fear it will destroy their stock.

Send letters opposing the Navy permit for LFAS to William Hogarth, Acting Administrator of Marine Fisheries Services, 1315 East-West Hwy., Silver Springs, MD 20910.
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