Queer Things Done in the Midnight Sun

G. Love is the funkiest, bluesiest white boy ever

"Apparently James (in true tacky form) lied to both bands, telling Kara's Flowers he intended to join their band, while telling Square he had no intention of leaving. . . . His dishonesty led to an embarrassing announcement to hundreds of fans at their Friday show that James was still in the band, and in fact, Square did not know James intended to join Kara's Flowers until Sean received a friendly and concerned call from a member of that band telling him that James had told them just hours prior to the show that he intended to join the Flowers. Needless to say, Square was no longer interested in having James in their band, and they are moving on without him. Since James and the band have been regulars in your articles, I thought you could have fun at James's expense in revealing his childish and tacky antics to your readers (he deserves a good razzing, don't ya think?)."

Actually, no. I don't think so. What's tacky and childish is trying to manipulate me into some kind of offended outrage when whoever sent that e-mail was obviously intimately involved with the band's happenings but didn't bother to give a name. Next tim

e you want me to carry your poison pen for you, have the balls to sign your name.

Sign your name across my heart.

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