Ready to Inhale

Alan Bock says the medical-marijuana war is over, and the good guys won

The battle over medical marijuana has been fought, and for the most part, it's been won. Now the main focus among the cannabis co-ops is teaching people how to grow marijuana. I know of a marijuana patch out in Victorville that serves eight patients. Two guys live there, and the others show up on the weekend to help grow the plants. That kind of stuff is going on all over the state right now. There is still a threat of federal law enforcement going after cannabis co-ops and large-scale medical-marijuana growers, but studies show that 90 percent of drug prosecutions are carried out at the state level. And California's law on this matter is pretty unambiguous: if you have a doctor's recommendation, you have the right to possess and cultivate cannabis. If you cultivate it for personal use and aren't transporting it or distributing it, then you shouldn't have any problems.

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