Spinning on Spins Punk Memoirs

Off to the Giant Hotel for a rooftop party, where we bump into Swedish Egil, founder of Mars-FM and Grooveradio. com, who's in the middle of a live broadcast. After several more gallons of alcohol, we realize that we've really gotta pee, so we hit one of the hotel restrooms. On the glass shelf above the toilet, we discover just enough coke residue left over to do a fat line. This place is great! We'll definitely be back!

At CROBAR, we get schooled on how to party high-roller Miami-style. We get a table that's the size of a large pizza. The club is claustrophobically crowded, so the $850, five-person VIP table is becoming more justified an expense (we have a $700 alcohol credit, so in theory, the table is only $150). After ordering a couple of bottles of vodka, rum, water and 180, we're quickly through our tab. Looking at the drink menu, I can see how this happened: a bottle of Absolut is $225, and a bottle of Ketel One is $250! We're anticipating the set from Sasha and Digweed, two of England's premier DJs, we find out that Sasha has blown an eardrum and Digweed will be solo for the evening. That's okay—we're busy drooling over some of the most beautiful women we've ever seen, gyrating and grinding to the music. Thongs everywhere!

We don't remember Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and we never went to any of the lame panel discussions. Therefore, we conclude that the Current State of Electronic/Techno/DJ/Dance Culture is as healthy as it has ever been! (Rich Kane and Jam Masta Jaz)

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