This Is Our Thing

But is it fashion? And if it is, how come your ass aint kicked yet?

Word. [Really.] I'd pay cash money for that right there.

So I want to ask you about a couple of similar designs—not yours—that I've heard about or seen in the past few weeks and ask you if you'd buy these.


A woman's ass in a thong.

That's good.

That's good. What's it mean?

Means I'm a player.

Okay. A guy urinating on a company logo.

Oh! That's so chill!


Because it's like publicity but, like, not, you know? Like, making fun of yourself while everybody sees . . . Like, you don't take yourself serious.

Maybe you could use it?

Me? No. Too old.

You've already seen it?

No, but you have. [Ouch.]

You know those naked-lady mud flaps? The silver silhouettes of a naked woman on the backs of trucks?

Yeah, I know those.




Player. But "player" like old school. 1950s.

Now, without describing it, your logo: What's it say?

Says I'm a player. I've got money. I've got women. [It's worth pointing out that our subject works as a busboy in a chain Mexican restaurant and, so far as I know, still drives his mother's minivan and does not have a girlfriend.]

Do you have those things?

I will. Just as soon as I get my [clothing] line out.

But you're not going to sell out.

Not going to.

Where will you get the money to get the line out?

Oh, we've got backers.

But you haven't sold out to them?

No, they're just backers.

What does "selling out" mean to you?

Means, like, just doing whatever's popular.

I'm so confused.



This is our thing.

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