Joey Ramone, 1951-2001

Back in Minnesota, I used to play "I Wanna Be Sedated" a lot. I think that song was a mantra of a generation of young people who were told not to do drugs, but they knew they would smoke marijuana, and it wouldn't be that harmful. They knew they weren't being told the truth. It all comes back to the War on Drugs. (Doug Scribner, vice chairman, OC Libertarian Party)

Doesn't sound like he had much [effect on my life]. It's like with that guy Emin or Enema or whatever, that rapper they wanted to give the award to. Think it's terrible. It's all money and power. And now this guy? He's not in my world; I'm not in his world. Punk rock and junk rock. Huh! You might do an article on me that I'm being appointed as art director of . . . but don't write that yet because I haven't gotten my contract nailed down. (Ted Crisell, OC Democratic Party activist)

Joey Ramone dying sucks. He was the big papa, gangly spider of punk rock. Those were great shows. I think that was the first time I got knocked in the head in a slam pit, and what effect that had on me as an artist, well . . . ("Wicked" Elmo Martin, spoken-word artist)

I got my first Ramones LP for $6 at a used record store. This was my glorious summer of suburban unemployment, when all my friends had jobs at the AIDS clinic. Me, I had a bike we'd found in the trash, some Converse we found in the other trash, and a whole lot of time on my hands. So they were getting to know me at the record store. "You like punk rock?" the guy asked. "Yeah," I said, thumbing through LPs. "You know those punker chicks?" he asked. "Um," I said. "I bet they like to fuck," he said. "I bet they're really horny." "Um," I said as I stopped looking through records. "You see him?" the guy asked, nodding at some kid wearing a gold chain over a T-shirt. "He goes to clubs all the time. He gets all kinds of pussy. So how about those punker girls? You fuck a lot of punker girls? Get a lot of punker pussy? Those punker girls, man—fuck! You know? You know?" "Here," I said, handing him the first Ramones LP, one foot already aimed at the door. "You like punk rock?" he asked again. I said nothing. "Punk rock half-off," he said, and handed me back half of my money. I never went back. And that was the only Ramones LP I ever bought at the record store. (Chris Ziegler OC Weekly music contributor)

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