Le Shok Shocker

The most dangerous band in Orange County is dead, maybe

But not too much sense. Le Shok liked to leave them wanting more, so after 15 minutes, they'd haul their equipment offstage to angry yelling—except in Texas, where the kids wouldn't let them leave, and they did possibly the only encore of their career—and maybe that's how they're finishing everything up. They played their 15 minutes, and now they're gone. No encores. Leave 'em wanting more.

"Some people just missed the point of it," says Todd. "All they expected was some crazy show where stuff gets broken, somebody gets punched, something silly like that. But it wasn't just to make a mess. We played music that I was really proud of—I have no regrets."

Le Shok may be reached at P.O. Box 15645, Long Beach, CA 90815; www.leshok.com.
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