Who the Hells in Charge?

District attorney Tony Rackauckas says his organized-crime agents are out of control. His agents say hes hanging out with a mobster

Aitken sees the complaints against Rackauckas as a diversion without merit. He claims the investigators are "arrogant, antagonist and unprofessional." Di Carlo's lawyer says he trusts the DA, whom he first met when the two men took opposing sides in the fight over the successful recall of anti-death-penalty state Chief Justice Rose Bird in 1986. "If Tony Rackauckas had the slightest belief that Patrick Di Carlo was in any way upside-down, he wouldn't have anything to do with him."

For his part, Rackauckas summed up the story this way: "It seems like a personal vendetta" against Di Carlo by an organized-crime unit that wanted to "operate without a great deal of supervision."

Said DA spokeswoman Richards, "Somebody here obviously isn't telling the truth."

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