Welcome to Schmoozeville

Relishs 29-hour drive as a career metaphor

Although Relish played on a showcase presented by Cornerstone Records (formerly Skunk) and had its expenses paid by Volcom Entertainment, the band remains unsigned. There is speculation that that may end if Volcom lands its pending distribution deal with MCA. But Relish knows better than to make such assumptions.

"After the Warped Tour, we thought we'd get all these new shows," says Guaico, "but we got home and slipped right back into our Orange County rut. Still, we can't help but feel really confident because we're playing well and getting our names out there."

Which brings up the other big item on Relish's itinerary at SXSW: bringing out the roller skates. The band spent Thursday between their showcase and the Battle of the Bands skating around downtown Austin, handing out informational fliers.

"Yeah, welcome to Schmoozeville," giggles Hitchcock, rolling her eyes. "We started doing this at the Warped Tour, skating around the parking lot, trying to get people to come to our stage. It worked then, so we all brought our skates and did it again. We almost hurt ourselves, skating down hills and running into cars."

"We wish that all we had to do is play our music," says Guaico, "but when you're in a band, that's only the beginning of what you do. And sometimes, it feels like the smallest part."

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