99 Percent Certain

Did Fullerton police help a witness identify somebody she never saw?

"What condemned my kid to prison was the fact that the defense attorney didn't do his job and the DA used nothing but innuendo and character assassination—and got away with it," remarked Cynthia Moore, Joshua's mother. "This whole ordeal has been a real learning experience for our family."

Jim Dinwiddie, Moore's uncle, served on the Orange County grand jury three years ago. He said he understands why police suspected his nephew but believes that both police and prosecutors should have investigated his alibi.

"They are more interested in the count of arrests and prosecutions than the rights of the defendants," Dinwiddie complained. "The first question the DA should ask is whether there is exculpatory evidence. Apparently, this isn't on their checklist. To me, that's a big problem."

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