We Feel So Dirty

A Weekly study of online sexual behavior

Total responses: 63

Requests for photograph of Brandi: 14

Photographs of respondents sent to Brandi: 13

Photographs of motorcycles sent to Brandi: 1

Crudely drawn butterflies sent to Brandi: 1

References to warm fires: 1

References to full lips: 1

References to Richard Nixon: 1

Those claiming to know "how to treat a lady": 3

References to goatees: 2

Unlike April, Brandi elicited recitations of qualifications, mostly physical and professional. Respondents seemed intent on selling themselves and seemed to make clear that they were the ones fortunate to have come across Brandi. Interestingly enough, the men never mentioned sex but often hinted at it in the context of their physical and professional qualifications:

"Ill run circles around you . . . 5k time 20:09"

"I like to work hard so that I can play hard."

"I have a athletic buildup body and I do jogging for at least 4days a week?"

"I am a computer Eng. (don't ask me how much monery u make?)"

"i want to keep up with u"

"I am 5'11 175, brown hair and eyes, trim goatee .. (guess it's the fad right now but looks great on me)."

"I have been told I am easy on the eyes."

"I live in Orange County and work as a chemist in the sterile city of —— (do you know how hard it is to find a 7-11?)"

"I really love blondes women"

"I think you sound very sweet and nice, which would be a nice change from all of the bar flies I keep meetin."

Brandi also inspired many to claim deeper intentions. Words like "trust," "sharing," "caring" and "honest" came up frequently, as men claimed to want more than just a physical relationship. Interestingly, they never claimed not to want a physical relationship.

"I know looks would eventually fade and have been told that I have an old soul as well as a great masseuse, so I think I can keep you stimulated in many ways more than one."

"As for the knowing how to please you and listening well, every man thinks he knows how to please a woman (I'm not talking just physically). And I am no exception to that rule."

"I love you're intro. I know it's a simple thing, but I use "Hi there" as a greeting in many of me emails to female friends. And I never see it used for some reason."

"'Listening' is a trait I have not always been very good at but due to what should have been obvious necessity, I am getting much better."

"I am a man of substance with a great listening quality."

"Trust me you'll thank me you did!!!"

"I really love blondes women."


If April was an attempt to see how much a woman had to have to make up for not wanting to have sex, "Loosey" was an attempt to see how much men would willingly overlook in regards to personal shortcomings as long as sex was a possibility.

Got Love?

Age: 18-23

Occupation: weighing options

Hair: silvertine

Weight: supersized!

Height: average

Ethnicity: white

Religion: unimportant

Category: Women Seeking Men

I do, and your always welcome to come back for seconds. Me: Understanding, non-judgemental self-starter. People say I'm crazy that I'll try anything once. Guilty? Let's just say I've paid my debts and now I'm looking to ring up a few more. You: into fast cars, faster women, ultimate fighting and sharing. Can you pin me? Let's get it on! Better hurry because I'm only in town for the week staying in motel by the airport.

Total responses: 26

Requests for photographs of Loosey: 1

Photographs of respondents sent to Loosey: 1

Requests for clarification of the term "supersized": 1

Number of references to "fun" or "good time": 8

Number of references to "sex": 1

Requests for "immediate response": 11

Those mentioning their close proximity to airport: 2

Those using the term "Let's get it on": 3

Those claiming to know "how to treat a lady": 0

While Brandi's suitors emphasized physical fitness, professional success and romance, Loosey's respondents felt no such inclination. What seemed key to them was to communicate that they were adventurous and, most of all, immediately available. Concepts of time and time/space were of critical importance; i.e., for how much time would Loosey be here and how far were they from getting together with her soon? Their responses were short and to the point, and there was little doubt that they were about sex—but, interestingly, only one actually used the word "sex":

"Recently divorced and interested in meeting someone for whatever. Im a very sensual person that excudes sensuality."

"Maybe we can have a round of it, whatever it is that you want!! I am sure you will not shy away from saying what you really are after!"

"im near you . . . im looking for someone to take charge of me during sex."


"i enjoy doing anything as long as it's fun."

"I am 21, tall, tan, up for anything . . ."

"Hi, if you are still in town, I will to hook up. I'm handsome SBM, with a killer who is very much fun :-)"

"you sound like fun"

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