Wholesome, Mostly

Please dont bust Stacy Burkes boobs

EMPLOYMENT HAZARDS Sometimes you're working, and it's just one guy who ties you up really strictly; I mean, you wouldn't believe how strict it can be. Limbs go numb, your body gets overheated, your breathing slows down and you could get nerve damage if they don't let you out. When it feels like someone's throwing hot water on you, then you're in danger of getting nerve damage. You worry that the phone will ring or something, and he'll run to get it and slip on the tile and fall and get knocked out or something, and I'd be stuck there. I mean, I'm sorry you got knocked out, but I'm stuck here.

THE FETISH MONEY SHOT You'd think that looking at a girl tied up from many different angles for a half-hour would be boring, but for the fetishist, that's what it's all about. If I'm tied up and ball-gagged and I start drooling, that's the money shot.

Prospective employers can reach Stacy at (626) 821-4006 or via e-mail at Common perverts can download obscene pictures for a membership fee at
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