If you people (and I use that term loosely) hate yourselves so much, why not pack up your earrings, CD collections and filter-less cigarettes and move to Mexico? In your last issue, you took every opportunity to malign Anglo-Americans and promote racial hostility. Matt Coker calls Barbara Coe "Ms. Fear of a Brown Planet" (A Clockwork Orange, Feb. 2). I'll tell Coker something: as the author of Proposition 187, Coe has done more to highlight the dangers of unchecked immigration than almost anyone in the country. Then Gustavo Arellano practically throws a party because some Mexican puts on wrestling matches that encourage other Mexicans living in this country to believe that all white Americans are racists ("Lucha F@!#%n' Libre!" Feb. 2). And then your recommendation is that I eat in a Thai restaurant where they play "Guantanamera"? Hey, that's authentic! Sounds like a nightmare.

I hope you go out of business and die.

Name withheld by request
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