Bring on the End Times

Is for real?

Greg Hartmann, who writes on Christian humor for, discovered that the domain name clonejesus is owned by Feral House Publishing and concludes that the site is just a promotional tool for their new book, Apocalypse Culture II (the Second Coming site even contains a link to the publisher). Feral House is an LA publishing house specializing in what most people call fringe subcultures. Apocalypse Culture II includes documents from the Second Coming Project. Feral House founder Adam Parfrey, who edited Apocalypse Culture II, says he learned about the group from a flier on a lamppost in Berkeley. He told in a Sept. 20 interview that the clonejesus chapter of the book has produced many death threats. "I don't know why, but this pushes [angry Christians'] buttons in a bad way," he told Salon, perhaps a little disingenuously.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if the Second Coming Project is a fake. It can't work. In which case it's still a nice way to shock your more religious family members on the ramp up to Easter. But if it's genuine—well, then all they have is $250,000 and a willing virgin. To those of us with a more secular cast of mind, that is the recipe for, if not a Merry Christmas, then certainly a great New Year.

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