Bail Me Out, Too!

One ratepayers plea for government assistance

The bailout comes out of your pocket and goes to Edison.

What are you talking about? I already give 'em all this money now! I got to give 'em more?

[Chuckling] Right, the average will be about $5 a month.

For what?

[Chuckling] Well, because they say they need it.

ButI need it.

I know, but you're going to have to give it to them, and if after 90 days, we find the rate increase was too much, you'll get the extra money you were charged sent back to you.

What are the chances of that?


Man, I can't believe this. I gotta pay them?


Well, what about me? What about if I can't pay my bill?

Well, there are programs for people who can't pay, but you have to qualify. Do you make less than $18,000 a year?


No, I didn't think you did, not with the movable reindeer.

So how can I get someone to give me some money like Edison?

[Chuckling] It's called a loan. They give 'em at the bank.


Southern California Edison, how may I help you?

Yeah, I was told that you're getting a bunch of money to help you pay your bill, and I was wondering who I talk to to get the same deal.

Well, we're having our customers e-mail or contact Governor Davis. Every day, this is changing. I think the rate increase right now is 9 percent.

So, if I e-mail the governor's office, someone there will help me pay my electric bill?

Oh, this is for you. Okay, I'm sorry. I thought you were concerned about what Edison is going through right now. We do have some home energy agencies that can help out customers, if funds are available. . . .

Is that who you guys went to?

[Laughing] No.

Well, I wanted to go to who you guys are going to. It seems like a better deal.

[Laughing] I bet it does.

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