Beating Off

Ron D Cores techno-metal-porn obsession

"They pushed the limits of sex. They were so blatant—they weren't sugarcoating anything. That's what I wanted to do," Core says of the "Me So Horny" composers. Core's desire to unleash a 2 Live Crew furor with his own music may have gone unheeded, but it certainly gave him underground notoriety, which still keeps customers streaming into his store (Dr. Freecloud's grosses about $500,000 annually).

Core's close porn connections sometimes give Helen headaches, but she can laugh about it. "It's Ron trying to sell records," she says. "It's part of the image. It doesn't bother me. But when we had to carry more porn than furniture during a move, then it was a problem."

DR. FREECLOUD'S MIXING LAB, 145 E. 19TH ST., STE. B, COSTA MESA, (949) 650-0909.

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