8: Bee Movie

A film by Len Acnob

[Meanwhile, the two children have decided they want to be bee busters when they grow up and have ransacked their closets and their parents' closets for boots, coats, hats and/or paper bags to put over their heads so they will look like real Bee Busters. For the sprayer, they use plastic pirate swords, and for the vacuum cleaner, which the assistants are now employing to scoop up the bee clots, the children drag the vacuum cleaner out of the closet. The extremely attractive woman facilitates, trying to make this a worthwhile learning experience.]

ME [to Bee Buster, still through a three-inch space]: How did you get into this business anyway?

BEE BUSTER: I got laid off at my other job. I was desperate. I just went through the yellow pages and kept calling everybody. I went through all the A's without any luck. When I got to the B's, I called Bee Busters and said I could drive a truck, I was young and healthy, and I'd do anything. And they hired me on the phone.

ME: Looks like your guys are all done out there.

BEE BUSTER: Yup, sure are.

[Turning directly to camera, voice growing more formal as the speech continues.]

BEE BUSTER: Yes, Bee Busters is a fine operation, bonded, insured and licensed (#OPR9409). Bee Busters offers safe removal and disposal of bees from any location in Orange County and is proud to be the recipient of OC Weekly's Best Removers of Bee Swarms of the Year award. Thank you for your patronage, and now you can return to your active life with your two brilliant tykes and wife with the, I must say, great legs. And, by the way, dude, you've been holding hot dogs in your hands the whole time. So long!

The festivities continue...

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