Cox Stocks Take Big Knocks

Newport Republican still backpedaling on Chinese spies

"City workers are turning on newly installed ball field lights at Del Obispo Park, 34052 Del Obispo St., daily between 6 and 10 p.m. to perform a required 100-hour certification test that extends the longevity of the lamps.

"'It's a standard thing with lights,' said Robert Warren, public works director."

Hopefully, the Times will inform us when this fascinating light-certification test has been completed.

Dewey Defeats Truman, No. 248

A front-page headline in the Oct. 3 Pilot read, "The Gloves Come Off in First Debate."

The first presidential-campaign debate between George W. Bush and Al Gore had not yet occurred. When it did, later that day, the gloves stayed on.

Gospel according to Reg reader

Oct. 9 The Orange County Register "Letters to the Editor" headline: "Jesus Is No Democrat."

No word yet, however, on whether Jesus is registered as a Republican, Green, Libertarian or Independent.

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