Honk if You Hate HMOS!

One-woman protest against PacifiCare becomes curbside crusade

Since PacifiCare employees and their families are covered by the HMO and receive the same level of service as any of the other 4 million members, "we share a very deep and personal commitment to doing our job well every day," added Singer.

Laura confessed that losing her job has been a financial blow to her family. And yet, she harbors no ill will toward her former co-workers.

"I still love them," she said. "I don't hate anybody. I just want justice."

Until that happens, she plans to keep picketing. She's not a churchgoer, but she says she has received a higher calling to fight the HMOs on everyone's behalf.

"I know I've got the truth in my heart," she said. "I'd not be out here this long if this were a lie. I know what I'm doing is the right thing."

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