Ted Moreno, Rude? Guilty!

And ditto for that guy at the sandpiper

New news: Santa Ana City Councilman Ted Moreno was found guilty Sept. 5 on all 25 counts of bribery, extortion, campaign-finance violations and a host of other inappropriate things with which he'd been charged. What the jury didn't know is just how rude the man is. Really, no social graces at all. Guilty!

And it's old news now, but I realize that, sadly, the only news some of you get comes from this very column (and really, you should be ashamed of yourselves): Arthur Carmona, the 18-year-old man who'd been in prison for two and a half years for two armed robberies he did not commit, has been released. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas (the same who actually led the prosecution of DeWayne McKinney, who was released last year after 19 years in the pen for crimes he didn't commit) had some lovely comments to make. Refusing to acknowledge his own mistakes, Rackauckas admonished Carmona to stay on the straight and narrow: "Arthur, it's a rare event that a convicted defendant gets this kind of break," he wrote in a press release. "You are getting a second chance. Don't let yourself or your supporters down. . . . Do not commit any crimes!"

That's "Mr. Carmona" to you, Tony. Oh, no you don't, Mister!

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