The Day Dornan Came to Visit

Callahan called him "Bluto," and now his wife was keeping Moxley out of the congressional hot seat.

She did a great job, apparently holding nothing against us. She told the House of Representatives that the subpoena was illegal, that Moxley was protected by the Constitution, that he wouldn't fly to Washington for a hearing, that he wouldn't turn over his notes or even dignify the House request with his own response.

Dornan's investigation fizzled, the Times ran into a political buzz saw (for a while there, the hottest bumper sticker in town read BOYCOTT LA TIMES), every investigating agency—from the county to the Congress—dropped its probe, and we ended up with a priceless Dornan quote for the jacket of the hardcover edition of 100 Years of OC Weekly: at the height of his self-generated crisis, Dornan observed that the Weekly is "Satan's instrument . . . an evil paper spreading infected bodily fluids all over the country." Will Swaim

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