Times are good: Theres one born every 54 seconds!

Admirers were out in force on the night of Aug. 11 at the dinky Doll Hut in Anaheim for the birthday of Linda Jemison. Long may she reign.

I accidentally missed Square again, but Jay Buchanan yowled and growled and trilled ("And I hear she killed her husband with a black frying pan/La da dee da da") for scores of celebrities (like punk veteran Steve Soto; Mention's Handsome, Handsome Erik; the Busstop Hurricanes' resident strawberry-blond guitar goddess Twisty Lemons; and sour Weeklymusic editor Rich Kane, who won't let me write up the outrageously bitchen new Powerpuff Girls tribute CD featuring Shonen Knife and Frank Black) packed into the now-smoke-free club. Linda, as everyone knows, is the tireless promoter of All That Is Good and Right in the county, with the exception of Barbara Ann, who is like chewing tinfoil—in a bad way.

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