Notes from the Underground

Film terrorists in Cecil B. DeMented, Aimee & Jaguars verboten love

As Färberböck tells it, Felice's world is less a deviant escape from Berlin life proper than a mirror to its desperate eros, the last thrill-seeking gasp—a pathetic ghost of the cocky prewar sensuality evoked in Cabaret—of a city fiddling while it burns. This Berlin sustains itself on a nervous energy fueled by the knowledge that there's no tomorrow for anyone, let alone Lilly and Felice, who, after the latter has come clean about who she is to the one person left on Earth she feels safe with, plunge for a while into a gossamer idyll, as if unaware that in that benighted place at that foul time "for a while" is all there is. "Nothing to eat, but [we dance] the rumba," says an elderly neighbor who dances a night away with the two women. "That's culture."

CECIL B. DEMENTED was WRITTEN AND Directed by JOHN WATERS; Produced by JOHN FIEDLER, joe caracciolo jr. and mark tarlov; and stars Melanie Griffith and Stephen Dorff. Now playing at edwards south coast village, santa ana; Aimée & Jaguar was directed by max Färberböck; written by Färberböck and rona munro, based on the book by erica fischer; produced by günter rohrbach and hanno huth; And stars Juliane Köhler and Maria Schrader. now playing at edwards town center, costa mesa.

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