Q & A

Quick answers to questions we needed to ask OC's finest roots musicians!

If you could wipe all traces of one band's music from the face of the Earth, whose would it be?

ZOOM:Steely Dan.

BROOKS: It would have to be Led Zeppelin.

GAFFNEY: Puff Daddy, or any of that suburban white rap.

ROUSE:Should I piss everybody off and say the Beatles? You'd love that, wouldn't you? Piss 'em off, Mike! The Beatles.

ROCKER:It's a tough call between Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

ALVIN:Journey. Or any band that ever did a power ballad.

Napster: Pro or con?

ZOOM: Napster? Is that something like a hamster? Is it a rap artist?

BROOKS: Con. I don't know enough about it, and I feel very unprotected in that way. I'm skeptical and suspicious.

GAFFNEY: What'd you say?

ROUSE:Pro. It's a great vehicle for bands to get exposure. Corporations and corporate bands shouldn't be participating in it. I don't believe in major labels and the way the music industry as a whole does business.

ROCKER: Pro. If radio wasn't in such a sorry state and was doing its job, then I'd be against Napster. But at least it's a way to hear some music where the record companies aren't deciding what you hear.

ALVIN: I don't know. I'm computer-illiterate.

Any chance you're one of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' 57 illegitimate children?

ZOOM:I don't think so. I resemble both my parents, so I think I'm safe.

BROOKS:No. I'm the wrong color.

GAFFNEY:No. Wasn't he black?

ROUSE:If you saw the nap in my hair, you might think so.

ROCKER: I wish I was.

ALVIN:Not likely, unfortunately.

If you could have played with anyone in history, who would it have been?

ZOOM:Helen Shapiro. She was a British singer who was famous everywhere around the world except in the U.S.

BROOKS: Muddy Waters. There was Bach, there was Beethoven, there was Mozart, and then there was Muddy Waters.

GAFFNEY: Otis Redding or James Brown—James Brown just for the risk of getting fined.

ROUSE: After watching Scotty Moore [at Hootenanny] the other day, he'd have to be one of them.

ROCKER:Elvis Presley. I wouldn't have been looking forward to those $50 checks at the end of the night in the early days, though.

ALVIN:Blind Lemon Jefferson.

What will the next big trend in OC music be?

ZOOM: It'll be something produced by Billy Zoom and recorded in the new Billy Zoom production facility.

BROOKS: According to your latest article, it might be some kind of soul/ reggae thing.

GAFFNEY: They will rehash the "outlaws" period of country music. That will become hip. I just saw Hank Williams III, and he called me "sir."

ROUSE: I think there's only been one—a bunch of pissed-off youth. So the next one is more pissed-off youth. It's all the same.

ROCKER: It's been a trend all along, but I think the rockabilly scene is just getting better and better. I think that's the next thing to emerge from here.

ALVIN: The next trend will be a combination of norteŮo mixed with ska.

Finish this sentence: "I love music critics because . . ."

ZOOM: Because they aren't drummers.

BROOKS: Because they been bery, bery good to me.

GAFFNEY: They adore me.

ROUSE: I love music critics because Buddy Seigal is one. Other than that . . .

ROCKER: Because most music critics don't even bother listening to the show.

ALVIN:I love music critics because if they're doing their job correctly, they're exposing people to a lot of music they can't hear about anywhere else.

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