Drug Stink

UCI goes deep cover to bust student for Excedrin possession

"Are drugs really a problem on campus?" Mimura asked.

Crime statistics on the UCI police website suggest the answer is no (see On the main campus, there were only three narcotics felony arrests last year. With all the felonies charged in this one sting operation, the force can now claim to have already matched last year's total.

Vera Cruz vented his own frustrations in Filibusters, an alternative journal jointly put out by Asian and Latino students at UCI, which he helped edit. "I've been following the white man's laws for over 22 years, and where has it gotten me? Nowhere," he wrote. Writing about the court process, he declared, "Whereas I had built myself to become a 'law-abiding' citizen that excelled academically and careerwise, these strangers who never met me before, who don't know who I really am . . . had the power to put me in jail, slap a criminal record on me so that I can't get a job, and ruin the future I aimed for."

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