No Justice, No Pece

Another Pece film fest, with typical triumphs and troubles

The same cannot be said for Frances McMahon's Push Me, Pull You, a noodly with a soundtrack that sounds for all the world like the South Park boys imitating Yoko Ono. Bring earplugs.

Thankfully, those last few minutes are completely forgotten when we're treated to Edna Hughes' Comm-Raid on the Potemkin, a film that fuses Eisenstein and Duke Nukem to surprisingly delightful effect. It's a hilarious film on general principles, but for those geeky enough to really get the joke, this one is a gift beyond price.

The next entry, Memory, is equally striking, a Sprockets-like short featuring "Gott" and a horny "Teufel" playing a very high-stakes game of cards. It's followed by Confessions at Military Camp, a bizarrely funny, animated monologue (apparently based on a true story) that features a spoiled little girl learning valuable "manual skills" like rigging a sailboat and cleaning her room. We are then treated to one last noodly (again, without titles or credits) that features a looooong, blurry closeup of a woman smoking, before we are plunged into Ana-Victoria Aenlle's Bones, a bittersweet tale about a fisherman who finds companionship in a very unlikely source. It's somewhere between noodly and genuinely poetic, but it'll do as a coda to send you back out into the night.

And speaking of which: this is an outdoor screening, so don't forget to bring a beach chair. It'll come in handy for sitting upon as well as for hurling at the screen during Flirt.

Perhaps next time Pece will grace us with one of his own films; he could show these other cats how to do arty goofiness right.

The Arizona State University Art Museum Short Film & Video Festival screens at the Second Street Promenade between Broadway and Sycamore Street, Santa Ana, (949) 364-6616. Sat., dusk. Free.
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