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We've backed away from that as a kind of manifesto position. We took Jerry Springer as the extreme example because he was the easiest target. But what's a little more subtle is that there is a mundane, ordinary structure to the show: the segments build to where the general public—i.e., the audience—gets to call all these freaks back to normalcy and tell them that what they're doing is wrong. And in the last segment, Jerry gets to talk about why middle-class, bourgeois values are a good thing—because they keep you off the Jerry Springer Show, in essence. We hadn't realized this, but it's almost as if it's a morality play.

The way Jerry Springer gets to the ordinary is through the extraordinary. The way we get to the ordinary is by trying to make it extraordinary—how bizarre and amazing it is that we can coordinate all these aspects of our existence so that we don't even think about it anymore. Somehow, our society and every other society does it. We want to get at that and show how amazing and wonderful and strange and wild that is.

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