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Jon Halperin

Chain Reaction booking agent, owner of Vegas Records, A&R for MEG Records. "If there's one thing I like in this world, it's food." BREAKFAST: "Cappy's Café in Newport Beach. I love the chicken-and-cheese omelets. The waitresses are cute, and I never feel like I have enough tattoos when I go in there. All the guys are fully sleeved. I feel tattoo-deprived." Have you gotten any tattoos because of Cappy's? "No, I can't actually say I have. Breakfast means a lot to me, but it doesn't mean that much." LUNCH: "The Peking Garden. It's all-you-can-eat for $5.50, including drink. Whenever anyone's here from out of town, we always go there. They have Christmas plates. Take the Christmas plates because they're bigger. If you're not very hungry, you take a normal plate, but if you go there, you have to be hungry. You don't go there to nosh; you go there to eat like it's your last meal." DINNER: "Sid's is awesome. First off, get a reservation. You have to give them your driver's license when you make it. There's no sign outside the restaurant, and they won't give you salt and pepper. You can get a steak for 10 bucks and a meat loaf for $6. It's dark and dank. It's a great date place." Their snotty attitude doesn't bother you? "Absolutely not. What they lack in attitude they make up for in food and character. It's Orange County's best secret restaurant. Hey, you forgot about the late-night, after-the-concert, after-the-band-is-done place." Late-Night-After-the-Concert-Place: "Harbor House. The chocolate-banana shake. Oh, man, it's so good. When you go to Harbor House at 2 in the morning, you're not sacrificing anything; it's packed. Cheese fries and a chocolate shake, and I'm in heaven. And, yes, food is the way to my heart." Cappy's Café 5930 W. Coast Hwy. Newport Beach (949) 646-4202 / Peking Garden Restaurant 1549 E. Katella Ave. Orange (714) 744-1268 / Sid's doesn't list its address, but that's okay because it got shut down! Guess that means no salt for anyone, ever! / The Harbor House Cafe 16341 Pacific Coast Hwy. Sunset Beach (562) 592-5404 [AMR]

Mike Young

Location Info


Plum's Café and Catering

369 E. 17th St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Category: Restaurant > Breakfast

Region: Costa Mesa

Managing editor, Times Orange County. Young may be the only person at the Times OC willing to sit down with the Weekly. We hope editor Lennie LaGuire won't hold that against him. The avuncular Young isn't just liked and respected throughout the local publishing world, but he also plays in a band! BREAKFAST: "The Raft in Newport Beach. It has a wonderful atmosphere: it's on a porch, near Lido. It's family-owned; they don't even take credit cards or anything. My favorite is a pasta-based quiche—wait, I've got the info right here because my wife just wrote a review on it—called frittata al macchrone. Because the place is really small, everyone knows everybody else. It looks like someone's house." LUNCH: "Diva in Costa Mesa, near the Performing Arts Center. It's perfect for a business lunch because it's very quiet and elegant. It's California cuisine, so you get lots of shrimp swimming in mashed potatoes and things like that." DINNER: "Aysia 101 in Newport Beach. It's pan-Asian, so it's the equivalent of going to three or four different kinds of Asian restaurants. The pad Thai is good, and the sushi bar is really wild." THE RAFT CAFE 2816 Lafayette Ave. Newport Beach (949)673-0739 / DIVA RESTAURANT 600 Anton Blvd. Costa Mesa (714)754-0600 / AYSIA 101 2901 W. Coast Hwy. Newport Beach (949) 722-4128 [RS]

Sylvia Volcan

Co-owner of Misfit No. 9, the quirky underground (literally) gallery in the Santa Ana Artists Village. "I wanted to give people a creative space," she says, "and give them different ways of presenting the art. To me, go eclectic. Every day is different." BREAKFAST: "I flunk out on this one," she says, admitting that, as a rule, she doesn't eat breakfast. After some prodding, though, she confessed to a fondness for coffee, biscotti and bagels on the Dana Point Marina. Even more than the coffee, which she insists is excellent, she loves sitting outside and watching the boats in the harbor. She also, after some reflection, adds the breakfast tacos at Morey's Café in Santa Ana—right next door to her gallery. "They're delicious, but not too spicy." LUNCH: "One would be Zov's in Tustin," she says. Although she loves spicy food, she has a fondness for the Armenian/Mediterranean restaurant's chicken kebab with eggplant. "The chicken's extremely juicy." Another of the artist's favorites is the Plein Air Café at the Orange County Museum of Art, where, after a morning of art viewing, she settles in with a plate of Brie cheese, mango and pablano. DINNER: "The Riviera in Westminster," she says, without a moment's hesitation. "They make an amazing dish with flambéed peppercorn beef. It's wonderful with cognac. It's kind of an upscale place; you have to dress to go there. They also serve the best margaritas I've ever had. They use all the real ingredients, including the small green limes, instead of the big yellow ones most places use." Morey's Deli & Cafe Santora Arts Complex 209 W. Second St. Santa Ana (714) 834-0688 / Zov's Bistro 17440 E. 17th St. Tustin (714) 838-8855 / Riviera at the Fireside 13950 Springdale Westminster (714) 897-0477 [VDI]

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