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Rick Bassman

Founder, Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Two years ago, Bassman, a former club promoter, decided to get in on the gravy train that is professional wrestling. He now heads a burgeoning wrestling conglomerate that operates under the name Ultimate Industries. Bassman's companies not only put on shows throughout Southern California and on the Internet, but his Ultimate University has also become one of the preeminent wrestling schools, having placed a dozen in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and five in the World Championship Wrestling in just the past year. "The whole thing has just really taken off," says Bassman, who loves what he's doing and never stops doing it. So when he's eating, it's often with wrestlers. "I never try to keep up with them," he says. "Most of the time, I'm dieting, and a lot of those guys are ordering two meals at a time." For breakfast, the San Clemente resident likes the Beach Garden Café. "It's the ultimate beach hangout. It sits on a bluff right over the beach, and it's the kind of place you go to see everybody. It's always jumping on the weekends. Everything there is good. Especially the blueberry pancakes. The people are real nice, and the service is outstanding. I just love going there. A real nice place just to be." For lunch, he likes Jerry's Deli. For dinner, he's partial to Habana. "Everything there is good. I really dig the atmosphere. It has the best atmosphere and the best food. I really like to hang out at the bar. I love the bartenders. They're just cool, and they fit really well with the whole vibe of the place." Beach Garden Café 6181⁄2 Avenida Victoria San Clemente (949) 498-8145 / Jerry's Famous Deli 3210 Park Center Dr. Costa Mesa (714) 662-3354 / Habana 2930 Bristol Costa Mesa (714) 556-0176 [SL]

Jeff Walker

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Plum's Café and Catering

369 E. 17th St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Category: Restaurant > Breakfast

Region: Costa Mesa

Barbecue motherfucker. Jeff Walker is a saucy boy. He'll say so, right out loud. The creamy-skinned 25-year-old (it must have taken him forever to grow that goatee!) gets to work by 3:50 a.m. to deliver juice for Odwalla. Once home, he mixes up a few cases of honey mustard (you won't believe the honey mustard) and goes to cook people's meat for them. Every weekend, he goes places like bug shows or kids' birthday parties to grill ribs and chicken and sell sauce. His girlfriend of one year dumped him because he is driven. BREAKFAST: "Me." LUNCH: "Me." DINNER: "Me."

Jeff Walker: You want breakfast? I can cook eggs on the barbecue. I can cook anything on the barbecue. I am a barbecue motherfucker. My family's from Fresno; it's our recipe. We used to win every barbecue contest ever. I'm gonna have T-shirts made for the girls that say 'Saucy Girl.' I'll give you one. I had to change the name from Walker's Barbecue Sauce because I did a Net search, and there's already a Hot Sauce Walker. So now it's BBQMF: Barbecue Mother Fucker! OC Weekly: Can you make a barbecue-sauce martini? Jeff Walker: No.

Contact Walker at or (562) 434-4647. Only $6 for a 16-ounce bottle! [RS]

Paula Spas

Singer for the Angoras, vegetarian. BREAKFAST: "The stuffed French toast at Side Street Café is the most decadent, luscious breakfast in the world! The French part of the toast is almost like a little crepe surrounding cinnamon bread. That would be enough, but then you discover the cream cheese and the fresh berry filling on the inside. Whooowee! Get there early because there's always a line to get in on the weekends." LUNCH: "The small café just to the side of Il Fornaio sells the yummiest sandwiches. They bake their bread daily, and if you call ahead, Eva will make my favorite sandwich for you, which is the eggplant with sun-dried tomato and ricotta cheese. They have a tiny patio for viewing the comings and goings of local business folk and the nearby health-club patrons. The staff is superfriendly." DINNER: "The first date with my fiance, Spencer, was at El Matador. It's our favorite restaurant. We always sit in the booths along the walls; they look like little private rooms. I always have the No. 3 combo, a cheese enchilada and a chile relleno. That and a margarita (or two), and I'm set." Side Street Café 1799 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa (949) 650-1986 / Il Fornaio Panetteria 18051 Von Karman Ave. Irvine (949) 261-2202 / El Matador 1768 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa (949) 645-0324 [AMR]

Photo by Jeanne Rice

Jon Halperin

Chain Reaction booking agent, owner of Vegas Records, A&R for MEG Records. "If there's one thing I like in this world, it's food." BREAKFAST: "Cappy's Café in Newport Beach. I love the chicken-and-cheese omelets. The waitresses are cute, and I never feel like I have enough tattoos when I go in there. All the guys are fully sleeved. I feel tattoo-deprived." Have you gotten any tattoos because of Cappy's? "No, I can't actually say I have. Breakfast means a lot to me, but it doesn't mean that much." LUNCH: "The Peking Garden. It's all-you-can-eat for $5.50, including drink. Whenever anyone's here from out of town, we always go there. They have Christmas plates. Take the Christmas plates because they're bigger. If you're not very hungry, you take a normal plate, but if you go there, you have to be hungry. You don't go there to nosh; you go there to eat like it's your last meal." DINNER: "Sid's is awesome. First off, get a reservation. You have to give them your driver's license when you make it. There's no sign outside the restaurant, and they won't give you salt and pepper. You can get a steak for 10 bucks and a meat loaf for $6. It's dark and dank. It's a great date place." Their snotty attitude doesn't bother you? "Absolutely not. What they lack in attitude they make up for in food and character. It's Orange County's best secret restaurant. Hey, you forgot about the late-night, after-the-concert, after-the-band-is-done place." Late-Night-After-the-Concert-Place: "Harbor House. The chocolate-banana shake. Oh, man, it's so good. When you go to Harbor House at 2 in the morning, you're not sacrificing anything; it's packed. Cheese fries and a chocolate shake, and I'm in heaven. And, yes, food is the way to my heart." Cappy's Café 5930 W. Coast Hwy. Newport Beach (949) 646-4202 / Peking Garden Restaurant 1549 E. Katella Ave. Orange (714) 744-1268 / Sid's doesn't list its address, but that's okay because it got shut down! Guess that means no salt for anyone, ever! / The Harbor House Cafe 16341 Pacific Coast Hwy. Sunset Beach (562) 592-5404 [AMR]

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