Huntington Beach. You probably don't want to go anywhere in Huntington Beach, either.

Mother's, Sunset Beach. Mother's is a nasty little hole in the wall with very average cover bands playing '70s rock and lots of guys with B.O. as powerful as Triple H. You would like Mother's. It's a wonderful place.

Santa Ana is good for salsa and rock en espaŮol.

The Hub, Fullerton. The coffeehouse features next big thangs like Jay Buchanan and Square. They think they're so cool. Linda's Doll Hut and The Boogie, Anaheim. If you don't know Linda's by now, our telling you about it isn't gonna make you any less of a retard. As for the Boogie, it's as big as a barn and used to be a line-dancing place. Now the heifers are all porn stars and strippers in nothing but glitter and feathers. We don't blame you for liking it.

Finally, if you're looking for something to do on June 4, we will be hosting a fund-raiser for Arthur Carmona at the Galaxy Concert Theatre. You can groove to the funkalicious stylings of 00 Soul and others while Carmona stews in a little cell in a place called Ironwood. Doesn't that sound nice? Stop the insanity!
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