The mild-mannered world of Simply Jeff

He ditched his working name, DJ Spinn, and transformed himself into Simply Jeff. People had to accept him for who he was, or at least his new persona. They did—he slowly started making a name by producing his own music, which got him gigs in places like Las Vegas, Dallas, Florida and New York.

Despite opening Dr. Freecloud's with Ron D. Core in 1994, he's never played OC regularly. Not that he hasn't tried—he played a funky-breaks night that Q opened at the Tiki Bar in late 1998, but it was dropped because of poor attendance (Jeff blames poor promotion). He says he'd like to play his home county more often in the future, but there are some advantages to keeping his local profile low. Life gets simple every time he returns to OC: he can concentrate on his music and leave the world of frenzied raves behind, both physically and mentally. For Jeff, OC is an easy place to be who he is.

"I'm pretty much an average guy," Jeff says. "An average guy who likes music."

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