Perhaps Revisited is a bad name for this outfit, and, yes, two of the other three guys are poseurs. But Cook and Clifford just want to play some good-time music and try as best as they can to do it justice. Fans have enjoyed them as much as Fogerty the past four years.

Mike Robby
via e-mail
Buddy Seigal responds:Your points are well-taken, and I didn't mean to paint Fogerty as a saint, which by many accounts he is not. But he has been wronged by Cook and Clifford's decision to play in an impostor band. The plain fact remains that Fogerty wrote, sang and played lead on virtually everything Creedence ever recorded of merit. To present a group as Creedence in any form without Fogerty's involvement is a cynical, dishonest rip-off—of Fogerty, but more pointedly of the public.
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