Magnet Night

How to attract the fans to a loser

/10/ All right, that's a little more salespersonish. The Angels cannot match any other team's eight. They begin the season unsure about the identity of their everyday catcher and second baseman. At shortstop, Gary DiSarcina is a competitor but can't hit. At third is Troy Glaus, who one day may be the Angels' best player but right now is young—starting just his second full season—and inconsistent. The outfield is the team's strength, though it got considerably weaker when Edmonds was traded. Garret Anderson is solid if unspectacular. Tim Salmon is everything you'd want in a ballplayer except healthy. Everyone loves to see Darin Erstad's grit and fire. Unfortunately, last season, opposing pitchers loved to see his bat. Erstad hit just .253 with 13 home runs.

/11/ Fake rocks, prohibitively priced beer, whiffle ball, video games, et al.

/12/ "Magnet Night." Do you think the Yankees or the Dodgers are selling Magnet Night? This is where the salesman earns his keep: "Gloss over the pitching and push the magnets."

/13/ Depends on which nine innings. Can you imagine a kid saying, "No, Dad, I don't want to watch Mark McGwire hit. I'd rather play this crappy whiffle-ball game that I could be playing in my own driveway."

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