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I am appalled by Rich Kane's lack of professionalism and journalistic integrity in his review of Bob Dylan's March 10 early show at the Sun Theatre (a href="">"Masters of Snore," March 17). His article does not even resemble an effort at critical journalism, seeking to objectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a musical performance. It is self-indulgent, overtly biased and more than mildly insulting in its lack of civility and intelligence. In the opening paragraph, speaking of Bob, Kane states, "So we went thinking he'd even do the big gurk! right there onstage-now, wouldn't that ticket stub bring in a bundle on eBay." He continued to prejudge and insult audience members as well as Bob based on physical appearance, age and lifestyle choice. The entire article is belittling to anyone in Mr. Kane's path. Just to clear up a couple of items: Kane writes, "His . . . voice was much clearer than we've ever heard it, though we pay props to the Sun Theatre sound crew for that little miracle." Does he really suppose that Bob tours the world each year, months at a time, relying on the venues to control the sound quality of his shows? In the past 10 days, I have had the intense pleasure of seeing Bob perform several shows and seeing the glow on the faces of people from 12 to 70 as his performance pulls on the common thread of humanity in their spirits. I spoke with hundreds of people from Anaheim to Reno and did not find one unhappy soul-except for those who could not get tickets!

Heike C. Strand via e-mail For somebody who writes for the Weekly, Kane is stunningly smug. Stuart Levitan via e-mail

Kane doesn't know shit about music. His unwarranted negative comments about Bob Dylan demonstrate how much of an idiot he is. It is a shame that he is allowed to do any kind of music reviews, and it's an even bigger shame that he has a job as a writer because he sucks at it.

Aaron Sullivan via e-mail

As an Orange County resident, I would like to register my displeasure at the sociopathic and sophomoric diatribe by Rich Kane. More so at the editor who actually permitted that hatred to be printed. I expect the paper to apologize to Mr. Dylan, his family and his fans. I would like to think that Kane would reflect on his vileness and understand that, yes, Mr. Dylan was singing about him: "Rip down all hate, I screamed."

Ronnie Keohane Fountain Valley

I would've liked to have seen an unbiased report of the concert, not a slam toward hippies and unintelligent kids. Your reviewers are taking up valuable seats that would have been gladly taken by any other Dylan fan, who probably would've been glad to write a review. I'm only 19 and had the best time at the show. I just can't believe some ignorant elder is working for a respectable newspaper that I read! Well, I won't be reading it anymore.

Garciyalater, Jeff Dreher via e-mail

Thanks, Rich, for your review of Dylan! I loved every bit of it-EXCEPT FOR THE CONTENT!!!!!! How old are you, anyway? I suppose you're right into Britney Spears-now there's talent, right? Okay, so you're real clever and you write with unguarded sarcasm, but you don't know who you're dealing with! And that hippie dude you found so offensive? Well, at least he didn't waste his 45 bucks! Go get a life, you hipster doofus! Hmph!

Donna M. Mytka via e-mail

Kane may be a very entertaining writer, but sorry, chief, he's way off on Dylan. Hey, it's fine if he doesn't get it. But as a writer, he has a responsibility to back off when he gets in over his head. Try doing Britney Spears concert reviews-the jokes will come easily, and you'll be above the intellectual level of the performer!

Dennis Cleary Copenhagen, Denmark

News flash, Mr. Kane: this is not how to write a critical review. A critic is supposed to be objective. I mean, tell us honestly, do you think you went into that concert just a tad cynically? I would have respected you for objectively stating your opinion, whatever it may be; as it is, however, I have lost all respect for you thanks to the way you did it. My bottom line here? Hate the music. Hate the concert. Hate the singer if you want to. But don't base a review on personal attacks, snide little comments about someone's health and state of well-being, and remarks about the possibility of that person dying onstage. I cannot believe I have read an article so insensitive and crude.

Brenda Paro via e-mail

I just wasted my time reading Rich Kane's drivel about Bob Dylan. I'm amazed that you would put out such nonsense. While the nasty Mr. Kane is entitled to his opinion, he should refrain from reviewing areas of music he obviously knows nothing about. Dylan's acoustic guitar playing is totally unique and rivals any player out there! ANY! I just got back from a bunch of shows-the Thursday show in Santa Cruz being the highlight! As good as any show I've ever seen! Tell Kane if he's going to review a show, he needs to get his head out from under the table, worry about his own toenails, and try to leave his miserable punk attitude at the door. Better yet, stay home: Bob don't need you on tour bumming everyone out. Kane is a piece of crap, just like your publication is for printing nonsense.

Tony Mazurowski via e-mail
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