11 P.M. Overheard on the sidewalk outside the Reverend Horton Heat/Nashville Pussy/Supersuckers show at Stubb's: GUY: "Where's the wristband line to get in?" COP: "Down there to the right, around the corner and down the block." GUY [staring at the monstrous size of the line, eyeballs bulging out, chin scraping the concrete]: "Ooooohhhhhmmmyyygggoooddd . . ."

MARCH 18, 9 P.M. Met someone from San Fran band the Gun & Doll Show fliering on Sixth Street the night before, so we go check out their gig at Hole in the Wall—why not, since the BellRays are on the same bill? They're . . . eclectic: four guys playing midtempo rockers, joined onstage by three scantily clad women who ooh-ooh and ahh-ahh all over them and their playfully cheeky songs about putting fat people in prison ("What would you do/If suddenly skinnies rule?") and the letter "G." Seattle's Valentine Killers are next, a poor person's Murder City Devils. During their set, the singer, unaware of how high the stage is, punches his fist through the ceiling and knocks out a panel, bringing a whole chunk of foam insulation down on the band. Overheard after their show: "I can't believe they didn't make me pay for the ceiling! I punched a hole in the fucking ceiling, and no one cares! If this were Seattle, they'd make me pay $100 for that! It's like no one cares 'cuz it's rock & rooolll!!! And it looked cool! I love Austin!"

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